About Us

ManorDrive can be traced back to 1995 when our founder got involved in “Angel Investment” and went on to provide recovery investment for businesses that were sound but lacked the management capabilities and ran into difficulties. 

We’re big believers in running your business and hiring in the people to do what you can’t effectively do yourself.  Our management team are specialists in several areas.
In 2014 Manor Drive Property was formed which has evolved over time to hold investment shares or the controlling share in a number of companies as a “Holding House”.

Since 2019 ManorDrive as we are now called has focussed solely on 2 business areas.  Consulting in a restricted environment and audio, with our main focus being audio.

As such we are always looking for businesses to invest into, we work with many companies who use ManorDrive as an OEM manufacturer or assembler, the companies below are the ones we own or control in the audio sector.  Our breadth of experience, our way of working is designed from the ground up to benefit every company in the group.  We bring experience, capability and knowledge of the professional audio sector, the HiFi industry and the ancillary markets around it. 

Our Companies and Brands

Halcyon Audio

Bespoke Hi-Fi throughout your home
No degree, no learning, no fiddling, simply working, all the time

Halcyon Audio wants you to come home and enjoy music in the way that fits your lifestyle.
We will provide and integrate the technology and equipment to achieve that goal, as a turnkey solution, bespoke to your desires and needs, in the background.
We will even make sure, remotely and on-site, that everything keeps running perfectly.

Halcyon Audio also has an acoustics consulting offering, based on years of experience making night clubs, recording studios, schools and other large venues sound their best. Your living room is not too small, we'll make it sound great without forgetting that it is your living space.


The Audio House

Burleigh Street - Hull - HU8 8SS - United Kingdom

+44 1133 18 4444